The most sacred and oldest among the Sciences, Ayurveda in itself is a complete system of medicine, which helps to maintain perfect harmony between man and nature. Only Ayurveda offers a comprehensive out look to a normal healthy life.

Today a healthy and peaceful mind and body are increasingly being sought after. Ayurveda offers this healing touch, rejuvenating the innate powers of the human body through its numerous therapies and treatments. Ayurveda aspires to achieve a healthy and happy society and it is in a place like the Ayurveda Healing Ashram that one can achieve this state.

Healing Packages offered

The Ayurveda Healing Ashram offers a wide range of healing packages for the overall rejuvenation, relaxation and detoxification of the whole human body. Healthcare therapies catering to the requirements of individuals will be personally prescribed and administered through qualified and experienced doctors and therapists.

Ayurveda healing treatments Ashram Situated at the southern tip of India, Trivandrum, Kovalam, Kerala, popularly known as God’s Own Country,the Ashram stands out as a distinct, all type of kerala Ayurveda treatments, panchakarma kerala treatments.

Therapies available at Ashram

The following are just a few of the ayurveda healing packages available