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You have probably tried several methods and medicines to lose your excess weight, by crash dieting, exercising for hours together. But the final outcome would always have been shedding the excess fat in some other part of the body or loosing less weight and subsequent sudden increase in the weight more than before.

Our weight loss programs are a holistic approach by not really treating the symptoms but rather addressing the underlying causes of weight gain. Dr. Shanavas, through his forty seven years of experience has researched and specialized in the treatment for obesity. Along with his Ayurveda treatments we provide special meditation, yoga therapy, yoga mind therapy, yoga nidra etc. This holistic weight loss plan facilitates the fastest outcome and hundreds of cases of obesity and overweight across the world have achieved success.

It has come to notice that other weight loss programs don’t provide lasting results. On the contrary, our Ayurveda weight loss program helps to shed the excess pound and keep them off permanently. At our centre, most of the patients feel the positive results in weight loss. During the entire process of achieving the holistic weight loss goal, one can experience a significant improvement in the overall physical health, mental health and emotional health.

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