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    Guru Raviji

    Soorya Raviji is the amazing personality who attained enlightenment among the rarest and celebrated Tantric yogis in the whole of India.

    He propounded the Kriya Yoga after his profound well-served penance and through his rich and varied experiences and his delving deep into the infinite science of yoga. This he achieved by his well-attempted spiritual practice under great sages and seers, who had distinguished themselves as celebrated spiritual teachers in the Himalayas and in different parts of India. It is noteworthy to say that he practised severe austerity and discipline while undergoing penance in their august hermitages.

    Tens of thousands of people in India, Europe and Japan are highly blessed due to his spiritual acumen and perception. Many Yoga Workshops, Seminars, and Teachers Training Courses are organized and conducted by Raviji every year after laborious and exhaustive tours in many countries like Europe and Japan.

    Soorya Raviji functions as the General Secretary of the Yoga Teachers Association in South India. He is also the Director of the Sivasoorya Yoga School. The students of his institution professionally benefit from his divine stewardship and perception.

  • nikhil

    Master Nikhil

    Master Nikhil was blessed to be born in a family which was committed to yoga and other vedic sciences. He started learning yoga from his father Soorya Raviji at an early age. In his adolescence years, he travelled across ashrams around India, meeting gurus and sages and absorbing knowledge from them. His roots are in Ashtanga yoga and Khaloori yoga.

  • mukil

    Master mukils

    Born in the Yogic family, Master Mukil started learning yoga at a very young age. His passion towards Yogic life made him learn to perfect his yoga science. After finishing his Engineering course, he went to Sivasoorya Yoga school to deepen his knowledge in Yoga where he finished Diploma in Yoga. Then his teaching career started with a Job at a prestigious Yoga Institute in Kerala. He taught numerous European students and helped many students achieve perfection in their yogic life and help them to become successful healthy life around the globe.

  • sree-kumar

    Swami Sreekumar

    Swami Sreekumar is not only one of the most respected spiritual master in Kerala also well-known expert in the field of yoga philosophy. His simple and contemporary style of delivering deep philosophical concepts endears him to his students. His vision is to make the essence of yogic heritage available to all in an accessible and effective format.

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