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Ayurveda Retreat in Kerala

Ayurveda and Yoga are two interrelated branches which form a complete system of well-being. Understanding the roles Yoga and Ayurveda plays in holistic healing is as important as learning Yoga from a well-known Ayurveda Retreat in Kerala, India.

At Ayurveda Healing Ashram in Kerala, you’ll receive a comprehensive training on Ayurveda Yoga Retreat, which combines a specific teaching and understanding on Ayurveda and Yoga Kerala.

At our Ashram, Guru Raviji, one of the best yoga teachers in India will address your physical, mental and emotional needs through Ayuryoga. As a well-known teacher of hatha yoga, raja yoga, ashtanga yoga, kriya yoga, kalloori yoga, yoga mind therapy, he can teach you yoga as the foundation of leading a healthy daily life. He will lay the foundation for all your yoga therapy at the centre through the seven yoga principles. If you’re looking to learn and practice Yoga and Ayurveda in Kerala, Ayurveda Healing Ashram stands tall as one of the best Ayurveda and Yoga retreat centre in Kerala.

Yoga Exercise (Asana) and Yoga Therapy

Yoga is a complete exercise which stretches or tones muscles, apart from influencing the health of joints, spine and skeletal system. When the spine’s flexibility and strength are intact, it results in improved circulation. It also plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of internal organs, glands and nerves. The exercise also liberates huge amounts of energy by releasing tension, both physical and mental in nature. Yoga’s focus on body, mind and spirit is based on the fact that a soul is on the way to perfection. We also specialize in yoga therapy for treating back pain (spine disorders), heart diseases, Arthritis, joint pain, diabetes, respiratory disorders and others.

Pranayama and Kriyas

While breathing, most human beings do not employ the full capacity of their lungs. This is the root cause of several physical and mental ailments. When yoga teaches people to utilize their lungs to the maximum, such acts of controlled and rhythmic breathing results in increased oxygen intake and facilitates removal of fatigue. Several breathing techniques teach us to attain pranayama (control of the life force). According to yoga, mind and prana (universal life force) depend on each other and mind control could be attained through the control of prana. And, prana could be effectively controlled with the help of breathing techniques. Pranayama has several benefits including mental calmness, mental clarity, heightened intellectual capacity, improved strength and energy.

Yoga Nidra

A constantly overworked body loses its natural capacity to perform heavier duties and yoga puts forward a solution to address the scenario. In the modern era, unbearable stress is part and parcel of our lifestyle. This makes it hard for a person to relax. As everyone knows, a human being cannot continue his duties in the absence of adequate rest. This is where yoga takes up the responsibility of imparting the art of relaxation. With the help of tried and tested techniques of deep relaxation, every muscle of the human body is brought under calmness. A deeper level of inner peace results from the rejuvenation of the nervous system. This rejuvenation is also achieved through controlled breathing. The benefits of meditation include the increased satisfaction and happiness with our own personal lives.

Vegetarian & Ayurvedic diet

Yoga plays a key role in maintaining the perfect shape of our bodies. At the same time, it also asserts the importance of following a clean vegetarian diet. A person’s diet has a direct impact on the healthy functioning of his mind. A lacto-vegetarian diet is best suited for people following the yogic lifestyle. Food items like fruit, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and vegetables are highly recommended. The benefits are lean body and clear mind, along with a healthy environment.


According to yoga, a person’s thoughts are responsible for his misery, sorrow and suffering , success or happiness. A person who harbors negative thoughts could be troubled by frustration, restlessness and anger. As a result, these conditions could lead to unbalanced actions. Instead, it is beneficial to nurture cheerfulness, joy and courage. These feelings would increase our mental power and equip us with enhanced efficiency. There is no doubt that positive thoughts result in lesser cases of depression and distress. Surveys have reported increased lifespan, resistance to diseases and overall well-being in positive minds. Yoga employs several techniques to bring thoughts under control and inculcate inner peace, integration and harmony in people. Meditation and vedantic studies are among these techniques.

Yoga Mind Therapy or Yogic Psychotherapy

Yoga mind therapy does the job of opening the secret door into a person’s inner mind. This is the seat of deep-rooted obsessions, emotional traumas and self-defeating attitudes. Yoga experts use yoga nidra (yogic sleep) to access this area and target the root of negative memories. Yoga nidra is defined as an altered state of awareness. Some of its characteristics are focused attention, acute sensory perception, physical relaxation, hyper-suggestibility etc. A person’s subconscious mind holds the memories of previous experiences. These memories could be used to solve our issues. When suggestions are given to mind which is under the spell of yoga nidra, we can witness immediate results. In other words, these suggestions are accepted by the mind without questioning and associated changes seen in the person’s physical level. This method keeps medicines and technological devices at bay.

Learning Yoga in Kerala, India

At Ayurveda Healing Ashram, which is located in the Indian State of Kerala in Trivandrum, our Yoga Retreats for Beginners and Intensive Yoga Retreats for advanced yogis are rated among the best Ayurveda Retreats centre in India. The Ayurveda Hospital in the ashram offers traditional Ayurvedic Treatments throughout the year. We also offer Yoga Courses taught by professional and expert Ayurveda vaidyas and yoga gurus.

If you would like to learn yoga or deepen your knowledge or become a yoga teacher, we invite you to join us at the advanced Ayurvedic Healing center in Kerala India.

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