The Ayurvedic back pain treatment provided by our Centre is based upon years of research and treatments. Our clinical evaluation of efficacy of our treatments has always been very positive; the results showing symptoms of the back pain reducing day by day during the course of the treatment. By the end of the treatment the back pain is completely eradicated leaving no symptoms of the pain. The human spine is almost like the pillar of the body. Modern man’s life style, stress, work environment are all factors which restricts our mobility and flexibility, eventually leading to a very high percentage of the population suffering from back pain. The major reason for lower back pain is due to the pressure or damage to the five vertebrae (L1 to L5) in the lumbar area. Care has to be given to the lower back which supports the weight of the upper parts of the body. The cause of the lower back disorders are herniated discs, injured discs, infections, degeneration (spondylosis), tearing of ligaments, damages due to the lifting of heavy objects etc.

Healed My Back Pain

“I stayed there for a 21 day treatment, and day by day I was getting better and better through Ayurveda therapy Panchakarma, yoga, meditation and mind therapy. The doctors at the ashram are well qualified and experts for back disorders. They explained to me very well about the cause of my spinal disorders.I am so happy to say that, now I am back home and doing my daily routine work withoutany back pain or its symptoms.I have no hesitation in saying that the doctors and therapistshave done a great job in the ashram. ( – Nathalie Serra, Sanary, France – )”

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