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Ayurvedic diet is the key to increase Immune system To boosting immune system in Ayurveda food which is ideal and gives us strength and boosting immune system. It creates white blood cells, white blood cells boosting immune system that are protecting attacking the harmful virus like Covid-19. The Ayurvedic diet will give us mental ability and easy to digest in the body and boosting immunity in the body.

Function of the Ayurvedic food and Proper ayurvedic food promote:

1) Our body cells are constantly going wear and tear this cells are replaced and
maintain by proper Ayurvedic diet and balancing degeneration and boosting
immune system.
2) We are always exposed illness, this cause damage in the body and proper
Ayurvedic diet repaired by the defence mechanism and boosting immune
system in the body.
3) Proper Ayurvedic diet supply Energy and Oxygen it is supplied by Ayurvedic food in the process of digestion and boosting immune system.

Which Ayurveda foods boost the immunity?

1) All nuts and organic fruits especially slightly sour tastes.
2) Fresh low fat milk especially cow milk and curds, and butter.
3) All kind of vegetable and green leaves
4) All kind of pulses and cereals.
5) Rice and barley.
6) Dates, honey, and jaggery.
Ayurvedic diet for boosting immunity
1. Add sesame oil and olive oil with food.
2. Cashew nut.
3. Coconut and coconut water.
4. Molases contains plenty of Vit.B complex.
5. Peanuts/ground nuts eat every day.
6. Emblica officinalis (Amalaki) juice or fruits.
7. Tomato is very useful.

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