Psoriasis Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurveda, an ancient holistic medical system, offers varied treatments for ailments like Ayurvedic treatment for eczema, Ayurvedic treatment for back pain, Ayurvedic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriasis. This wisdom even extends to managing multiple sclerosis symptoms. Balancing life forces through herbal remedies, Panchakarma, and personalized plans provides alternative relief for numerous conditions.

Psoriasis is an unremitting autoimmune condition that results in the swift growth of skin cells. It will build up and generate scales and itchy, dry patches on your skin.

Symptoms of Psoriasis

Psoriasis symptoms will be different with people suffering from Psoriasis. Common symptoms of Psoriasis include:

  • A rash on the skin
  • The rash on the nails, joints, and scalp
  • A burning sensation and sometimes a piercing pain
  • Thickness, rashes, fissures, dryness, flakiness, small bump, peeling, and redness on the skin
  • Itching, joint stiffness, plaque, inflamed tendons, and tiny dents in nails
  • Blackish, brownish, pinkish, or red patches on the skin
  • Skin swathed with thick, silvery, or white scales

Types of Psoriasis

Psoriasis comes in different forms and can appear in various parts of your body. Common types of psoriasis result from many factors including, skin injury, stress, the side effect of medications, infection, etc. Plaque Psoriasis is the most common psoriasis seen in people. Different types of Psoriasis include:

  • Plaque Psoriasis
  • Scalp Psoriasis
  • Palmoplanter Psoriasis
  • Lichenified Psoriasis
  • Guttate Psoriasis
  • Inverse Psoriasis
  • Pustular Psoriasis
  • Erythrodermic Psoriasis

Treatment for Psoriasis

Psoriasis treatment stands as a solution for psoriasis patients to restore to health. Psoriasis treatment can help the patients not only to ease and reduce the symptoms but also cure the ailment considerably. In general, treatment tries to take away scales and prevent skin cells from developing rapidly.

How to cure Psoriasis through Ayurveda?

Ayurvedic treatment is considered the most effective treatment for psoriasis at present. Psoriasis can be completely cured with a comprehensive and wholesome Ayurvedic treatment approach. The success and effectiveness of Ayurvedic psoriasis treatment depend on the severity of psoriasis and how responsive it is to the treatment. Ayurvedic therapy and medication can offer psoriasis patients much-needed relief. Numerous people have received very positive results in psoriasis with Ayurveda treatment, and it contains treating psoriasis with herbal medicines, proper diet planning, and lifestyle changes.

Ayurveda considers that contaminations in the blood and emotional aspects are the main reason for the disease occurrence. Ayurveda treatment for psoriasis mainly concentrates on blood purification and balancing the doshas using diverse methods. The Psoriasis ayurvedic center kerala  offered at the Ayurveda Healing Ashram is centered on discovering the root cause of the illness and presenting holistic healing for Psoriasis. The role of Panchakarma treatments for psoriasis, Shodhana therapy (Detoxification) for psoriasis, and Shamana therapy for psoriasis cannot be ignored, as it can help you to balance your body and mind.

Panchakarma : The Key treatments for Psoriasis

Psoriasis can be efficiently treated using our special Panchakarma therapies. Panchakarma treatment for psoriasis integrates Ayurvedic treatment techniques for the full detoxification of the body and removal of detrimental toxins from the body liquids. The key Ayurveda treatment utilized for the management of psoriasis is Panchakarma treatment.

Bad weather, extreme stress, and certain foods can flare up psoriasis. Panchakarma, along with yoga therapy, will be the apt technique to handle and get freedom from psoriasis discomfort. Different Panchakarma methods are practiced depending on the severity and condition of psoriasis. Panchakarma procedures eventually help psoriasis patients to purify and detoxify the whole body. The effective Panchakarma treatments consist of:


In purvakarma, Snehapanam (Ghee Treatment) and Abhyanga and Ushmasweda (Body massage and Steam Bath) are effective for psoriasis treatment.

  • Snehapanam (Ghee Treatment)

Snehapanam or Ghee Treatment is a vital procedure in Panchakarma treatment. Snehapanam is an oral medicine process in which medicated ghee is provided to the psoriasis patient. Snehapanam treatment is crucial as it helps to remove the toxins and Doshas in the body.

  • Abhyanga and Ushmasweda (Body massage and Steam Bath)

Abhyanga denotes oil massage. Abhyanga treatment includes massage of the whole body. The body massage will be given to patients with psoriasis from the head to the toe. The body massage will be given with specific warm oil mixed with herbs.

Ushma Sweda treatment means Steam Bath. It is a complete body treatment through medicated steam to create sweating. The steam bath lets the body melt the doshas, and remove toxins from the body. Ushma Sweda is a must process in panchakarma therapies as it is ideal for body purification.

Vamana Karma

Vamana Karma is one of the salient processes of panchakarma treatment. Vaman denotes therapeutic vomiting to drive out Kapha Dosha from the body through the oral passage. The Panchakarma treatment includes the intake of medicated herbs and tempting vomiting.

Virechan Karma

Virechana Karma is another unavoidable practice in Panchakarma treatment for Psoriasis patients. It is executed mainly to oust Pitta Dosha through the anal course.


Being an unavoidable part of panchakarma treatment, Nasyam is all about using medicated oil that includes herbal extracts via the nasal way. It is an effective Ayurvedic healing technique focused on cleansing the head area and nasal channel.

Other Ayurveda Treatments Offered for Psoriasis Patients

  • Takra Dhara: Takra Dhara is all about pouring medicated buttermilk over the head to give a cooling and soothing outcome. Although Takra Dhara is similar to Shirodhara, it is unalike from Shirodhara based on the liquid dripped on the head.
  • Shirodhara: Shirodhara indicates ‘Shiro’ (head) and ‘dhara’ (flow). Shirodhara is used as a healing method, and it involves pouring oil, milk, buttermilk, or water onto one’s forehead. This treatment also comprises a scalp, body, or head massage.
  • Along with the panchakarma treatment, applying whole body and head massage with special medicated oil will help the Psoriasis patients to get completely cured of the illness.

Shaman Therapy

Shaman treatment is a holistic method of Ayurveda to cure diverse health issues, including psoriasis. Shaman treatment looks at the root cause of illness and helps the patients to eradicate the condition thoroughly. In this treatment, internal medicines like herbal extracts, tablets or powder, and medicated ghee have to intake orally. Shaman treatment method also integrates the use of medicated oils for various kinds of psoriasis.


Diet is a must element in Ayurveda treatment for psoriasis. Without a proper diet suggested by a certified Ayurveda practitioner, it is hard to get comfort from the psoriasis condition. What you eat and eating right can decide the efficacy of your Ayurveda treatment for psoriasis. A healthy diet that includes fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean protein can help psoriasis patients to deal with their illness effectively. You should say no to too much spicy food, salt, curd, black gram, seafood, junk food, oily food, bread, pizza, processed foods, red meat, and pickles. It is always better to be a vegetarian and avoid a non-vegetarian diet during the treatment for a better outcome. Alcohol and smoking are needed to strictly avoid during Ayurveda treatment for psoriasis.

Why Ayurvedic Treatment Is Better For Psoriasis

Ayurvedic treatment is better for Psoriasis because Ayurvedic practitioners find out the root cause of psoriasis, the severity of the illness, and treat the conditions accordingly. Other medicines provide short-term comfort and have side effects, but Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala gives permanent comfort to the discomfort, and importantly, there are no side effects for Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic treatment methods and herbs used to treat Psoriasis can help patients with other health-related issues, reduce stress, avoid future health problems, and help patients to boost the immune system, give power to the genes, purify the blood, and develop body hormones.