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Professor Dr Shanavas Devasenan (BAMS) is a reputed Ayurveda Practitioner and Ayurveda Researcher hailing from the traditional Ayurveda Village of Kollam, Kerala. He is a specialist in traditional and modern Ayurveda Treatment methods. Having over 50 years of experience as an Ayurveda Doctor, he has successfully treated thousands of patients in almost all areas of curable and incurable diseases. He is specialised in treating incurable diseases like, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s, Skin diseases, HIV and other illnesses like low backache, disc complaints, arthritis etc.

He spent many years doing intense research on various human illnesses and has been awarded for his achievements and contributions in the field of medical science. He owns a pharmaceutical company where Ayurvedic medicines are being made. Some of the Ayurvedic medicines are specially prepared by him to treat the illnesses ayurveda doctor  is specialised in such as Psoriasis, Eczema, skin allergies, Panchakarma, Back pain like a slipped disc, herniated disc, prolapsed disc, neck pain, spondylosis etc. He has developed various formulations and combinations to fight complicated diseases. Some of the medicines which are exclusively made under his specialisation are Bronkowin, Aswajith Choornam, Mahavatasamhati Oil, Massage oil, Vetpala oil, Psorocare Special Kashayam, Punarnavadi Kashayam, Amrudotharam powder, Themolin, etc.

These special preparatory medicines have proved to be very effective and many people come seeking his specialised treatment. He is also one of the specialized doctors for Weight loss program in Kerala. For over 2 years, Dr Shanavas works as the Chief Consultant of Sivasoorya Ayurveda Healing Ashram in Trivandrum.

Shanavas Devasenan, best ayurveda doctor dedication and interest in the field of Ayurvedic medicines and treatment have earned him a reputation which only a few doctors achieve during their lifetime. His focus of research and interest continues to be on Multiple Sclerosis (MS). He has achieved immense popularity by curing numerous patients from India and abroad.

Education and Family History of Dr Shanavas Devasenan

Shanavas Devasenan was born into a traditional Ayurveda family in Kavanad, Kollam which is 70 km far from Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. He grew up observing his father, Dr Devasenan who was a well known Ayurveda doctor in Kerala. He did his schooling from Quilon (Kollam). During his school time, Dr Shanavas had a deep interest in the subject of science and nature. His interest grew in herbs and their healing powers and he did not look back after that. He studied all medicinal plants described in Ayurveda and later studied plants of various countries to improve his knowledge.  He completed his graduation and post-graduation from Ayurveda College Trivandrum. Dr Shanavas proved extra brilliance during his studies that he received a job immediately after it as an Ayurveda doctor in the same college. It is one of the A grade Universities in India. Being highly qualified and starting his profession as an Ayurveda doctor in the Ayurveda College, Trivandrum, Dr Shanavas served as a fully-fledged practitioner in several other leading Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala. A doctor at heart and in deeds, his unique way of diagnosing the diseases quickly, helped in the treatment plan and in healing the disease effectively.

He worked as a medical officer as well as the department head of Ayurveda College, Trivandrum. Later, he became a Professor in the same college and did a lot of research on various diseases and medicines. After he retired from the college, he established an Ayurveda Hospital in Trivandrum and an Ayurveda Medicine Manufacturing Company under the brand name SBCA Amruthadhara. His manufacturing company produces and distributes many branded medicines all over India.

His family includes his wife, Dr Moniyamma and the two sons- Dr Neehar M Shanavas and Dr Nikhil M Shanavas, all specialising in the field of Ayurveda medicine.  He owes his full spirit to the Indian system of Ayurvedic treatment and healing. His deepest interest still lies in finding more and more effective ayurvedic combinations and herbs which can help mankind get rid of various complicated health problems.

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