COVID-19 Prevention-Ayurveda for Immunity Boosting

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COVID-19 Prevention-Ayurveda for Immunity Boosting

“Prevention is better than cure” is an old cliché which can be used during the instance of COVID 19, as there are no medicines discovered to drive out this deadly disease. What we can do now is to improve our immunity and boost our health. While the researchers around the world try to find out a vaccine to cure the coronavirus infection, the World Health Organization experts suggest boosting your body’s immune system to minimize the effects of the virus and to hasten the recovery.

Immunity-Boosting through Ayurveda Ayurveda has many immunity-boosting herbs and simple ayurvedic therapies to enhance your body’s natural defence mechanism. As Ayurveda is known to be the science of life, it is through “Dinacharya” (daily regimes) and “Ritucharya” (seasonal regimes), you can maintain a healthy life. Ayurveda propagates the gifts of nature in maintaining a healthy and happy living. Ayurveda’s extensive knowledge base on preventive care is helpful to boost your immunity.
In India especially in Kerala, the people are following traditional Ayurveda treatments to protect the body and improve the immune system against any potential viruses. It is one of the main reasons why death rates in such a small state of India – Kerala with around 3.5 Crores population remains very low. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently highlighted the benefits of Ayurveda and urged people to “have a look” at AYUSH Ministry’s protocol to stay fit in the wake of Corona Virus.
Although Ayurveda cannot claim to have a treatment for curing COVID 19, it recommends you some preventive measures to boost health and immunity with special reference to respiratory health.

At Sivasoorya Healing Ashram in Kerala, we feel very contented and happy about our patients who are taken full Panchakarma Detoxification Treatment and other Immunity Boosting Ayurvedic treatments as they are not only saved from the Coronavirus but also remains healthy.
Ayurveda and Yoga Treatment for Preventing COVID 19 According to Ayurveda, a well-balanced diet (including a variety of spices into your daily dietary routine), regular yoga practice, regular detox plans like fasting, administering a proper Panchakarma Detoxification treatment once in a year, taking a Rasayana Treatment and other ayurvedic treatments like Navara Kizhi and Pizhichil can help boost your immunity.

Immunity-Boosting Ayurveda Treatments taken once or twice in a year will always help you to stay healthy and protected from all harmful viruses as well as other seasonal infections. While you’re required to boost your immunity some of the factors which would negatively affect your immunity are:
● An imbalanced diet (processed foods with sugars and artificial flavours)
● Excessive alcohol intake
● Irregular sleep
● High stress
● Obesity (high cholesterol level)
● Lack of physical exercise
● Chronic medications
● Dehydration
Meanwhile, the international travel restrictions and lockdowns still continue, some of the measures you could now follow to build a robust immune system include:

1. Consuming warm water
2. Daily Yoga Practices
3. Following pranayama and meditation for 30 minutes every day.
Ayurveda is rich with many wonderful immunity-boosting—techniques that are simple and safe.

At Sivasoorya Ayurveda Healing Ashram in Kerala, we can give you personalized immunity-enhancing Ayurvedic treatments along with immunity-boosting Yoga Therapies.An appropriate Ayurveda Treatment in Kerala will help your body fight against not only Covid-19 but from any future deadly diseases. The Ayurvedic herbs and medicines generate an
immune response against viruses and increase the rate of phagocytosis to destroy microorganisms, thus, increasing immunity from containing viral infections.The idea Ayurveda tries to promote is, “if you don’t have a potent weapon to combat the enemy-COVID 19, a strong and effective shield is the best bet to protect yourself”. Let’s make Ayurveda and Yoga part of our life and stay healthy and be happy.