Healing Centre Facilities

Flower Garden

We have a lush green garden at the front and on both the sides of our Ayurveda Healing Centre. You’ll be quite excited to find the wide variety of beautifully flowering plants and trees that blossom all throughout the year.

 Herbal Garden

At one side of our ashram, we have a naturally rich herbal garden with all the herbs we use for our Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala. You can feel the aroma of these herbs from our garden.

Ayurveda Healing Centre Location

You’ll be amazed to find the location of one of the best Ayurveda Healing Centres in India, Trivandrum, Kerala. Set on a beautiful hilltop, you’ll enjoy the scenic beauty of the hills on one side and the vast Arabian Sea in front.

With a wide array of lush green coconut trees laced around, you’ll feel more energized with the soothing cool breeze coming from the Arabian Sea. You’ll enjoy the charming beauty of the villages around from the quietness of the environment of our Ayurveda Healing Centre.

And, we’re sure all these factors will help you to quickly heal and return home fully revitalised. Like many of our guests, you too will have the privilege to save on your budget.

Ashram Atmosphere

Every morning, you’ll be delighted to wake up listening to the chirping of the birds in naturally quiet surroundings. Far you’ll hear the sea waves lashing on its shorelines and you will feel the cool breeze gently touching your face and passing over to the green hills on the other side. In the evening you’ll enjoy seeing the marvellous beauty of the sun setting in its horizon.

Organic Fruits & Vegetable Garden

One of the reasons which make us the best Ayurveda Healing Centre in Kerala, India is that we ensure to give you 100% natural and organic food. To do this, we have our own organic garden where we grow a wide variety of vegetables and banana plants. Almost all the vegetables and fruits we serve at the table are harvested from our garden.

Siva Temple

It’s the holy place inside our ashram where we offer prayers and worships to Lord Shiva, whom we believe as the destroyer of ignorance spread across the universe. You’ll go through a divine experience when you sit here and meditate. Daily we lit the lamp and offer prayers and worships to him. All our guests who stay with us do participate in the prayers and the meditation.

24 Hours Free Wi-Fi

At the ashram, we never keep you totally renounced from the outside world. We offer free Wifi facilities to keep you in touch with your family and friends.

Convenience to Travel Facilities

Our Ayurveda Healing Centre is conveniently located at a place where you can easily reach us from Trivandrum International Airport, Central Bus Station Trivandrum and the Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station.