A healthy and fit body is what we all dream to have but in the same path access to best and good treatment for any disease and health relates issues is also the main concern. Taking this scenario in the real world, our Ayurveda healing ashram medical team is in research to identify the best fit solution and the treatment method for any health-related issues including promised ayurvedic weight loss treatment in Kerala. Our specially focused weight Loss program is implemented to reduce overweight with a range of 14kgs to 16kgs for around 4 weeks.

Impact of Ayurvedic obesity management

Ayurveda is based upon practical knowledge that has been systematized and developed for long periods of time in India. Modern Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss in Kerala is a combination of a system of medicine and various forms of self-care forms like diets, yoga therapy, and ayurvedic holistic treatment. A proper analysis of the body behavior and application of a healthy diet and modification in Ayurvedic lifestyle habits throughAyurvedic treatments is proved to be successful in eliminating the excess body fat. In our best ayurvedic weight reduction in Kerala program, weight is not a major concern but how you gain weight is more important.

The importance of Ayurvedic treatment for Obesity management is;

Elimination starts from the root cause:

When we do a comparison between Kerala Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss and other treatment methods, ayurvedic treatment has the powerful strength to identify the root cause and start with the throwing off from the root. Thus eliminating the chance of sprouting up again.

Balanced and properly scheduled lifestyle:

More than medicine, ayurvedic treatment gives priority for the day to day activities and the environment you live in. Ayurvedic treatment together with panchakarma (detox) is carried out to get a better result. Panchakarma includes five natural methods of purgation or elimination, giving the body an intensively detoxifying the body while balancing the three doshas. The more you play active the more in-depth the medicines get activated.

No After effects:

You intake medicines that lack in the formation of new diseases or other health-related issues. More than that it strengthens each cell and tissues of your body resulting in an active life ahead.

Who can opt for Ayurvedic treatment?

Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala for weight loss can be taken by anyone without any age or gender restriction. But before going for any ayurvedic treatment make sure you select the experienced and best ayurvedic treatment center. Not only for Obesity but for all the health-related diseases and issues ayurvedic treatment is proved to be the successful treatment methods. We are lucky to thank our ancestors for their hard work to develop the best treatment and medicines for us.

Lifestyle for Obesity Management:

Balanced Diet

In Ayurveda, the four properties that are considered to be important for a human body is the balance of Kapha, Vata, Pitta. Therefore the food you intake during the treatment should be dry and light to digest, without too much oil or fat.

Make sure your food contains cinnamon, pepper, turmeric, ginger, coriander, etc.

Based on your body condition, our ayurvedic doctors in Kerala gives you the food menu to balance your weight as well as to play well with the medicine you take.

Healthy and Fit Exercise:

Proper diet and sleep are not enough to have a healthy body but regular exercise also contributes value to balance and reduces your weight. In Ayurvedic treatment the most powerful and effective exercise to reduce weight is Yoga. Our Yoga experts train you to perform different postures that help to burn out calories stored in the body in the form of fat to develop a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Obesity, Is this something you are caught up with?

In this New Generation world, people are busy and running to catch up with the new trends. Let us ask you a question now “how many of us say enough or No to food when we think about our health and not when you fill your stomach?”. According to the latest research report around 60% of humans fail to realize the after-effects of having unbalanced food. In the medical field the word, obesity is trending and but when it comes to our day to day life, we miss realizing its importance and the depth.

Holistic treatment for Obesity

Obesity is a stage where your body fat starts increasing in an excessive amount. It is diagnosed when your BMI falls to 30 or higher. This information is sufficient enough to understand what Obesity is and how it can be identified. Here is where our ayurvedic weight loss treatment in Kerala helps in. Our team of expert doctors are even specialized in identifying and implementing the holistic approach of Ayurvedic treatment for weight reduction. This is the success of the Ayurvedic medical field and we are proud to be part of this success.

Now when you go in-depth, we need to identify the causes and its after-effects.

Increasing your body fat does mean you are increasing your weight but your body also starts welcoming other diseases and health problems. Having imbalances and excess food is the main reason for the development of Obesity but other than this there are other factors which may give rise to increase your body fat being your personal diet, the environment you live in, and the choice of your exercise.

Easy Tips for Treating Obesity

Do Avoid:

1. Food what gains your weight

2. Drinking water immediately after a meal

3. Cold showers

4. Desk-bound work

5. Daytime sleep

Do Take:

1. mung bean

2. lentils

3. barley bread and corn

4. old honey

5. Trikat

6. hot water

The Weight loss Management Therapy in ayurvedic treatment helps to increase the element of Fire and decreasing anabolic metabolism. Apart from the diet and exercise, it includes several powder massages and steam, along with ayurvedic oral medications to increase pitta (fire) which will improve the catabolic metabolism of the body.

The value of your life is more precious than anything. It’s a gift from God and you are the only responsible to take care of it. Let’ s hope that we all will have Obesity in dreams and not in reality. Spread the importance of ayurvedic treatment for weight loss Kerala and don’t give a chance to open doors for Obesity.

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