Life at Healing Centre

Life at Our Healing Ashram

You’ll feel the quietness and inner peace within as soon as you enter into our Healing Ashram which is located in a serene and beautiful place in Trivandrum, Kerala. The positive vibrancy and the energy you feel is one of the main reasons many choose our ashram for their inner and physical healing.

Our staff will welcome you with arms wide open to the warmth and love of our ashram. You’re given the care and love like a mother for a child from a home away from home. The process to your healing starts from here, at the best center for Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala.

Programs and Ashram Schedules

To clear your doubts about what you’re going to experience in our Ashram, this is our first priority to get rid of all your uncomfortable feelings you may experience. Our dedicated and trained staff will do this job by giving you a detailed explanation about all the activities at our ashram. It starts from the Panchakarma Ayurveda Treatment (detox) to Yoga Therapy, meditation, spiritual retreat, lifestyles, entertainment and scenic views outside our Advanced Ayurveda Healing Ashram in Trivandrum, Kerala. We’re sure; this explanation will satisfy all your questions about the ashram and the environment.

First-Time Consultation

Our Junior Ayurveda Doctors will take you for a detailed consultation to diagnose all your physical and mental issues. This is your chance to open-up all your worries and clearly state the physical problems you’re going through. This will make our job easier to give the best and the right treatment.

Consultation with Our Senior Doctors

Based on the given details our expert Senior Ayurveda Doctors with more than 48 years of professional Ayurveda healers will give you another detailed consultation. Based on these details, we’ll start the Ayurveda healing and Yoga treatments the same day.

Daily Consultation

Once you start the treatment, both our junior and senior doctors will daily visit you to answer your queries or doubts if any and to tell you about the improvements in treatment.

Magic Kitchen

We serve Indian vegetarian food suitable for the sensitive western tummies. All the food is prepared with filtered water in our clean and spacious kitchen, where we give utmost importance to hygiene. We use as much as possible seasonal and locally-sourced food.

Some of the foods are grown in our own garden, free from any chemicals or pesticides. Other than nutritional value, we love to serve the tasty food with Indian spices, to give you a truly Indian experience.

We’re happy to let you see our experienced cooks in action and prepare delicious meals for you. Our guests who once tasted our food never forget to comment back “It’s really delicious” or it’s a food magically tasty”. Most of our guests go back home with an inspiration to eat healthy and vegetarian. We welcome you to our healing ashram with an opportunity to eat from our magical kitchen.

Psychic Counselling

If you are facing any personal problems that you need help to overcome, our trained Psychic Counsellors will listen to you and help you find ways to deal with your emotional issues. You can fix an appointment with our Psycho Therapists at a convenient time comfortable to you.


At our Ashram, we provide you both shared and private rooms with washrooms. They are beautifully designed for maximum flow of sunlight and fresh air.

All our rooms are very simply furnished and have everything you need. The elegance and simplicity of our rooms help to clear your mind. Solar panels on the roof even provide hot water showers. Our rules are simple too: no meat, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and no outside visitors in the rooms.

At our Advanced Ayurveda Healing Ashram, we provide you an opportunity to step away from worldly affairs and return to a simpler way of living. It’s a place to nourish your soul, deepen your spiritual practice, and awaken to your true Self. Find an opportunity to visit our Ayurveda ashram and discover your inner freedom.