Multiple Sclerosis is a constitutional disorder in which fatty myelin sheaths around the axons of brain and spinal cord are damaged leading to demyelination and it affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other. Its symptoms include general weakness, blurred vision, muscle stiffness, thinking problems and urinary problems.


Ayurvedic treatment for Multiple Sclerosis is primarily aimed at both arresting as well as slowing down the progress of the illness and to bring the patients back to the normal state.
Ayurveda views “Ama” ( undigested food leading to the production of toxins) as the main cause of illness. So the first step towards the treatment is with langhana therapies, or specialized diet with medicines, in order to remove “ama” and imbalanced constitution to the normal state. The next step is to give a strong purification therapy with the intention of removing this “dosha-ama” deposit in the body. Next, based on the person’s conditions, he/she is given ‘shamana therapy’( medications). This treatment helps in the remyelination, and eventually leads to the healing of the disease; demyelination, as is medically accepted, is the cause of this disease. Almost all cases of MS have showed very effective result to the ayurvedic approach in treatment. Ayurvedic treatment subsequently helps in nourishing the myelin producing cells and also empowers the whole immunal system. Effective planning and execution of a line of treatment that is projected towards effective healing of the disease and correct diagnosing the disease is the main duty of the ayurvedic doctor. The major aspects of a fully fledged ayurvedic program for Multiple Sclerosis treatment includes specialized diet, healing supplements, detoxification treatments and other ayurvedic therapies, Yoga, Yoga therapy and Mind therapy.

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