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  • Prof.Dr.Shanavas

    Prof. Dr. Shanavas, an efficent doctor in ayurveda sastra, comes from a traditional ayurvedic family that has a rich tradition of 300 years.

    Prof. Shanavas completed his B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) from the Government Ayurveda Medical College, affiliated to the University of Kerala and a diploma in yoga also from the University of Kerala.

    Dr. Shanavas has acquired 47 yrs experience, from different govt. hospitals.

    Having worked as a professor and head of the department in the Govt. Ayurveda Medical College, Dr. Shanavas has also worked in government ayurveda medicine manufacturing units. He has won different awards as the best physician from different departments.

    After retiring from govt. service, he continued his practice with all the experiences he had acquired from different hospitals intermixing yoga postures along with ayurvedic methodology. He started his own clinic with both outpatient & in patient departments and also started a manufacturing unit with different patent medicines along with a research center for the detailed study of drugs, etc.

    Dr. Shanavas has specialized in obesity management, hepatitis, rheumatoid diseases, stress management, psoriasis, fracture cases, etc.

  • Sangeeth Kumar S

    Sangeeth Kumar S is the Manager in the Ashram. He completed his graduation in Hospitality Management from Kerala University. He has been experienced in 8 years of this field. He manages all segments of the Ashram, including lodging, Ayurvedic food, human resources, housekeeping, attractions, and guest services. He is the in charge of employees, finances, customer service, promotions and quality control.

  • Dr.Nisha M N

    Dr. Nisha M N, Knowledged doctor in Ayurveda Sastra hails from a traditional ayurvedic family. Dr.Nisha completed her B.A.M.S ( Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery ) from Dhanvantari Ayurveda College, affiliated to the Rajiv Gandhi University. She has worked in Govt. hospitals & in different departments, attending several cases during her internship. She has also acquired experience in preparing medicines.
    While at college, doctor Nisha was a delegate at several national seminars on gynecological problems (Prasootitantra), about drugs (dravyaguna), obesity management, psoriasis, cancer, gynecological problems at college.

  • Jayalekshmi

    Jayalekshmi, qualified lady therapist, working in ayurvedic field for 18 years. She had done the Panchakarma & Therapy course from Ayurveda College and completes the beautician corse from woman’s college. Jayalekshmi was well accurate, punctual & know ledged in doing massage (oil, powder ), kizhi, dhara, panchakarma therapies ( main procedures ), etc. She acquired experience from Govt. ayurveda hospital as an internee. She has also worked in other private hospitals.

  • Geeta

    Geeta lady therapist, had 7 years experience in ayurvedic field. She completed the therapy course of Panchakarma from Ayurveda College. She worked in hospitals as an intermee therapist and as therapist in other ayurveda hospitals. She is a well experiences, well-trained & qualified in doing ayurveda treatments mainly of Panchakarma.

  • Saumesh

    Saumesh, ayurvesa therapist, well efficient & eminent person working is ayurvedic field for 10 years. He passed Panchakarma & Therapy course from S.N. Ayurveda College & Diploma in yoga from Govt. College. Saumesh worked in Govt. Ayurveda hospital for 3 years both in I.P. & O.P. department. After that he joined in and ayurveda hospital at Bihar for 3 years. He was well qualified & and experienced in Panchakarrma & other treatments. He was well versed in doing treatments outside India (European Countries).

  • Ginil G

    Ginil G, male therapist a qualified person in ayurvedic field working for 6 years. He passed Panchakarma therapy course from Ashram Ayurveda Traning College and continued working both in and out & in patient department. He attended several Yoga classes from college level. He was well experienced in preparing ayurvedic medicines. Ginil is a well eminent & confident in doing treatments mainly massages Panchakarma therapies, beautification, mud therapy, spa therapy, music therapy etc.

  • Sudha

    Sudha is an Assistant cook the Ashram. She learned her cooking from her mother & ancestors. She is an expert to prepare Kerala traditional food items. Guest’s are impressed with her cooking and happy to have the food.

  • Veena

    Veena is cleaning staff working 8 years in this field. She has good skill to keep the Ashram neatly. Everyone admires her for her cleaning skills. She keeps rooms and washrooms neatly.


    Food should be light, and not make you feel heavy. You should eat fresh food. Ayurveda is the knowledge of life in tune with nature. Ayurvedic treatment is all about helping the person gain the natural healing power of his/her body. Organic/cultivated food is the healthy food according to Ayurveda and rich in Chetana (life force) and also flushes out the accumulated toxins that cause fatigue.

  • Chef Raghu Thampi

    Raghu Thampi is an excellent cook in the Ashram. He completed his cooking course from a well – known institution in Kerala. He cooks so delicious, natural, homely and healthy food. Guests are so impressed with his cooking and so happy to have the food. He prepares the food, according to doctor’s instruction which should be healthy. He participated several cooking competitions in South India.

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